weyrerTon Tyrolean Harp v1.1 KONTAKT

weyrerTon Tyrolean Harp v1.1 KONTAKT

A unique wooden Harp with an alternative and warm sound
The “Tyrolean Harp” is a relatively unknown wooden Harp only existing within the alpine region. Compared to a standard concert harp, it has more warmth to it and a “wooden” sound character.

It was recorded in 96kHz, features three different playing styles, up to four dynamic ranges, three different microphone systems (close: A-B & M/S; room: A-B) and comes with a total of 3394 samples (15 GB uncompressed). Moreover, it is licensed with Native instruments and therefore NKS & Kontakt Player (Free) compatible.


  • 3 Different Articulations: Pluck, Nail, Harmonics
  • Mix In Between Three Microphone Positions: Close – Width – Room
  • 3.384 Samples, 15.2 GB Uncompressed .wav, 9.2 GB Lossless Compressed ncw
  • Recorded In 96kHz, Available In 96kHz & 48 kHz
  • Compatible With Kontakt Player (Free Version) & Full NKS Integration


  • 3 Different Playing Styles: Pluck, Nail & Harmonics
  • 3 Round-Robin Variations Per Dynamic Layer
  • Finger Plucks recreate the soft and beautiful sound of the Tyrolean Harp. Plucks Are Recorded in 4 Dynamic Ranges from A0 – D#6 (Including Semitones)
  • Pluck intonations are available in plug sustained (rings out until the end of the sample & plug release (stops as soon as the midi note is released)
  • Nail plucks have a bit of a harsher character and add texture to your sound
  • Harmonics sound crisp and vibrant and create the feeling of an actual harp player sitting in front of you


  • This Library is licensed for the use of the free Kontakt Player. That means you do not have to own the full retail version of the Kontakt sampler to use this instrument. It works in any DAW and as any plugin Format.
  • This library is optimised for the Native Kontrol Standard. This allows a perfect integration to all S-Series Keyboard Controllers by Native Instruments and a great workflow.
  • Works with both the free Kontakt Player Version 5.6.8 and the full version of Kontakt.


Demo Preview: