Tracktion RetroMod Fat v. WIN

Tracktion RetroMod Fat v. WIN

Includes all contemporary Moog synthesizers, with the exception of the Mini, for the first time in one package. Not only final, complete sounds of each instrument have been sampled but also every basic element, starting from the pure waveforms. The result is a virtual future Moog capable of generating incredibly rich sounds.

Be warned, the low frequency capabilities of this instrument may damage your speakers!

The following Moog instruments were sampled with: Avalon U5, A-Design Reddi, Phoenix Audio NiceDI, Universal Audio 2192, RME ADI-2, VoVox Cables.

  •  Moog Little Phatty
  •  Moog Sub Phatty
  •  Moog Sub 37
  •  Moog Voyager
  •  Moog Minitaur