Marula Music Incantations For Repro

Marula Music Incantations For Repro

Marula Music Incantations is a collection of 103 presets hand crafted by Nate Raubenheimer of Protoculture and Shadow Chronicles fame for Repro 1 & 5 from U-He. Repro excels at emulating the warm vintage tones from the Sequential Prophet 1 and Prophet 5 synthesizers. Incantations takes full advantage of this, providing you with a palette of nostalgic retro sounds, as well as more modern tones, for use in a wide range of genres from Trance and Psy to Techno and Ambient.

If you are looking for a library of warm, analog, sizzling synth presets, then look no further! Marula Music Incantations will become your go-to U-He Repro in no time.

Whats Inside:

• 103 patches total
o 52 for Repro 1
o 51 for Repro 5
• 8 Arp patches
• 26 Bass patches
• 6 Percussion
• FX patches
• 22 Lead patches
• 12 Pad patches
• 8 Pluck patches
• 21 Sequence patches
• 100% royalty free
• Sorted into categories
• Fully tagged
• Modwheel assignments