Antidote Audio LIMITLESS | Melodic Pack

Antidote Audio LIMITLESS | Melodic Pack

Antidote Audio LIMITLESS

With Limitless we went above and beyond! In simple, we wanted to provide you with the tools to help create iconic, remarkable tracks.

One of the hardest struggles as a producer is opening up a blank session with creative block and not having a clue where to start! So we made sure to include heaps of inspiration in Limitless by packing in Fresh New Sounds, Starter Loops, Midi ideas, Chord Progressions, Construction Kits and much more!


Limitless contains a vast selection of Premium Samples, Loops MIDI and Serum Presets

300+ Audio Files, 90+ MIDI Loops, 5 Construction Kits and 50 Serum Presets to provide all the aspects needed to help smash creative block and create immersive, versatile music. Check out the sounds in more detail below!

Drums: [155]

25 – Kicks
25 – Snares
25 – Claps
20 – Perc One Shots
20 – Cymbals
20 – 808 Kicks
20 – Finger Snaps

MISC: [40]

20 – Transition FX
20 – FX One Shots
05 – Construction Kit Drops


96 – MIDI Loops
20 – Starter Loops
20 – Granulator Loops
20 – Vocal Chop Loops
25 – Vocal Chops


05 – Arps
08 – Basses
16 – Chords
10 – Leads
04 – Pads
07 – Plucks


Providing construction kits for ultimate hands on “Drop Deconstruction” and Learning.
Construction Kit Drops allow you to dissect each aspect of what makes a drop hit hard. Pull apart each Construction Kit stem and learn how different elements work together to make a drop full and lively!

🌀 5x Different Construction Kits
🌀 Bass, Drums, and Leads, FX and MIDI individually isolated
🌀 Inspect. Learn. Improve.


With 50 premium Serum Presets included in Limitless, we’ve made sure to provide Producers with even more control to shape their sounds further. Each comes with 2 macro controls to tweak the tone and effects, or why not go even deeper with these presets and reverse engineer our sounds?

🌀 50x Serum Presets
🌀 2x Custom Macros for each Preset
🌀 5x Arps, 8 Basses, 16x Chords, 10 Leads, 4x Pads, 7x Plucks


Just like when we created our Drum Pack ‘Apollo’ we wanted to make a truely diverse pack that could handle almost any melodic genre!

So to answer the question ‘who is this pack for’ this pack is for those that aren’t defined by one genre, for those that like to break out and make different genres and start different projects but need a pack that they know that they can dive into during any project and pull out the sounds they need.


Demo Preview: