ADSR Sounds DAW Music Theory: Chords TUTORIAL

ADSR Sounds DAW Music Theory: Chords TUTORIAL

ADSR Sounds DAW Music Theory: Chords TUTORIAL
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DAW Music Theory: Chords is a new 10-part Music Theory course from ADSR that is specifically geared for electronic music production. It pushes the boundary of conventional music theory practices into the world of modern production.

In just over one hour learn how to easily and effectively create any type of chord without having to learn scales and chord shapes. Drawing on his years of experience, Echo Sound Works presents an intuitive and easy to follow numeric system that will allow you to create any chord in any DAW.

Don’t let a lack of technical knowledge hold you back. Learn practical techniques to make the music you want today!

Course Overview

Have you ever struggled to lay down chords that truly express the mood and meaning of your melodies and top lines?

In just over 60 minutes you will break down the skills, knowledge and techniques you need to choose the right chords and write more dynamic chord progressions!

Whether you’re using Logic, Live, Cubase, or some other DAW; if you’re a total newbie or you just want to fill some gaps in your musical education, the techniques you’ll learn in this course have been developed to help you make better, more creative chord choices.

It’s safe to say the DAW didn’t exist when Music Theory came to be a study. It’s also safe to say that music theory purists frown upon producers, DJ’s or musicians who may not know how to play an instrument or who aren’t classically trained. In reality, the DAW offers unlimited potential and new ways to approach music production. It can even make it easier for those of us who aren’t classically trained, to share our talent and ideas.  

That said, there’s no doubt that a good understanding of music theory can go a long way towards helping you explore different musical options and find the right scales, chords and sounds to make the music your hear in your head.

DAW Music Theory: Chords puts this knowledge into context so you can benefit from ‘classical’ music theory in a way that’s most relevant to your craft. 

Course Features

Presented by Echo Sound Works, DAW Music Theory: Chords features 10 super focused lessons covering critical elements of music theory as it relates to chords and chord progressions.

  • Over 60 Minutes of professional video instruction
  • Relevant to any DAW and/or style of music
  • 10 indepth videos each demonstrating critical elements of music theory for the DAW

> Introduction

> Introduction to DAW Music Theory

> Major Triad DNA

> Minor Triad DNA

> Major 7th Chords DNA

> Minor 7th Chords DNA

> Suspended Chords DNA

> Add 9th/11th Chords DNA

> Inverted Chords DNA

> Chord Progressions

  • Bonus – Chord cheat sheet for easy reference.
  • Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons